Standard Life Investments

Investments Expertise


Standard Life Investments manages a full range of equity strategies that span the risk/return spectrum. While distinct in their risk tolerances and return objectives, our equity portfolios share a common goal: to consistently add value through active management.

Fixed income

Standard Life Investments offers investment products across a wide range of fixed income sub-sectors and geographies. The extensive range of fixed income strategies we have developed to meet the needs of both existing and new clients underlines our commitment.

Real estate

The benefits of investing in real estate are compelling. Over the long term, the returns from real estate have a low correlation with equities and bonds. This means that real estate can help to spread risk and create diversified investment portfolios. In addition, real estate offers relatively stable income in the form of rent paid by tenants.


Standard Life Investments is at the forefront of multi-asset investing, developing innovative products that aim to deliver targeted returns within tight risk boundaries. As a result, increasing numbers of investors trust us with their investments.